About Us

Omey Projects is an art consultancy based in Portugal. We provide avant-garde artwork for both small and large-scale project, specializing in creating tailored artwork and installations for the hotel and leisure industry. We work closely in the spirit of collaboration with designers, developers and private clients, from the inception stage to handover, to create spaces truly engaging and inspiring in design and character, curating ‘The Story of Art’ through nuanced or boldly expressed artistic narratives. Omey Projects is proud to present emerging and established artists and artisans from around the world. 
Our Story
Our story starts with a central idea: the belief that art is an intrinsic part of the hotel guest experience. Having a number of years experience in the field of hospitality fine art consulting we intimately understand the business. We work with each individual hotel to help define what creates their ideal memorable guest experience, and how this experience gets translated, by sourcing art that will engage the guest and reflect the ethos of the hotel.

We aim to curate an art collection that adds gravitas to the distinctiveness of that space. More than ever, hoteliers recognize the necessity to differentiate themselves and exude a novel identity. Our mission is to work closely with hotel designers and developers to identify their individual needs, and assist them in culminating an art collection.

We provide a professional approach to foster a harmonious relationship between the old and the new, overseeing every aspect of the project from concept development, art purchase, liaison, logistics, and installation.

How We Work
For Omey Projects there are no impossibilities. We are a team of creative individuals fully dedicated to realizing your vision. Seizing your moment, moving forward and creating new fulfilling experiences. We’re constantly looking for new sources of inspiration and innovative ways of working upon a recipe for success. With drive, efficiency and passion. We are a seamless team working together with an established network of artists and artisans. We hand-pick a selection of creatives for each project. The collaboration of these creative sources ensures unique projects. We dream but most importantly, we deliver.

Our Artists
We commissioned a wide range of artistic mediums from original artworks, fine art editions, vintage art, sculpture, lighting, archival materials, performing arts, video and multi-media artworks, to name a few. Our team is committed to delivering a collection of works that is exclusive for your project.


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