"The Lost Warhols" by Beau

"The Lost Warhols" by Beau

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69 x 69 cm
“The Lost Warhols” by Karen Bystedt – The Portugal Collection

“The Lost Warhols” is a collection of works by artist Karen Bystedt created in collaboration with a number of contemporary artists including Peter Tunney, Jeremy Penn, Raul33 among many others. This collection belongs to a
n exhibition included in the event Vilamoura Art 2016 – a partnership between Vilamoura World and Omey Projects - and is composed by ten pieces of original artwork beautifully framed in the SUGI frame, a sustainable Japanese cedar frame especially produced in São Miguel, Azores. The  works are collaborations between Bystedt and Add Fuel, By Beau, Draw, Eime, Filippo Fiumani, King Saladeen, Kruella, MAR, Maser and Tamara.


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