Eco Framing

Our choices do matter. We believe that sustainability is not only a meaningful alternative but also a very logical choice in an era where single actions have a global impact. At Omey Projects we are also delighted to work with people, projects and companies that take this into serious consideration. Our blueprint is increasingly greener and we are proud and happy to be able to offer a sustainable framing option to our clients – from sustainable woods that we source in the island of São Miguel, Azores, Portugal.

Individuals are becoming more and more conscious of sustainability and environmental issues. The choices that people make reflect this growing awareness. They want to reduce their footprint while travelling and to feel a genuine connection with Nature in their destinations. Travellers are also eager for living authentic experiences and creating a bond with the places they visit and the stories to be told, so that they can become a part of it. The challenge is to foster stylish aesthetics with an intrinsic story.

Contact us to know more about this beautifully handcrafted eco-conscious frames made with the know-how and feeling that adapt and fit to every project.


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