The Lumiares on Sleeper Magazine

The Lumiares project was featured on the amazing Sleeper Magazine – leading magazine for global hotel design. Congratulations to all the team engaged on this one – Metro Urbe,Room2Fit and Foster & Bloom. We are very proud to be mentioned alongside great projects and people like these.

“Completing the line-up, Vilamoura-based Omey Projects provided art consultancy services, selecting black-and-white images from photographer Vasco Celio, along with colourful abstract works by Maser Art. Also on display are typography prints by Joao Rei, hand- pressed in the Azores Islands and featuring lines from the poetry of Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa, translating to ‘I do not want to go where there is no light. In fact, light – speci cally the light of Lisbon – guides much of the design scheme, from the sunshine graphic of the hotel’s logo, to the rose pink and warm ochre colour palette of the guestrooms. One of the most striking features is a bespoke lighting installation suspended over the grand staircase. Designed by Beau McClellan to reflect the way light plays across the rooftops, the chandelier is crafted from cuboids of etched brass, arranged in clusters to represent the houses of the neighbourhood.”


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